I’m back!

I have not blogged for almost 3 years. I had a baby, went on mat leave, changed jobs, and picked up a new hobby / passion since I last posted here.

I started quilting / sewing about two years ago. Lately, I have been wanting to blog again, mainly to talk about my sewing and to show off my finished projects. So I decided to launch my blog again, and will start posting very soon.

Thanks for following. À bientôt!


Some people are born to dance…. I’m not one of them

Tonight is Nic’s and my last dance class. To date, we have learned tango, waltz, and that which we will be finishing up tonight, fox trot.

After 8 weeks of classes that were supposed to enable us to dance at our wedding, I can say with confidence that the experience was a complete and utter failure. We cannot dance worth a damn, and will not be doing anything more complicated than a slow dance at our wedding.
Sure we had fun… at the beginning. When we started out, it was excited, it was new… and it was something different to do on a Thursday night that eat in front of the television.
The first few weeks was tango. The music was beautiful, but somehow, we could never move as smoothly as the dance teachers. Then came the waltz. I thought it would be easier than tango – turns out the waltz is more technical, and, overall, much more difficult. We were taught moves and turns that I already don’t remember. By the time the fox trot came around, I had had enough. My failure to learn to dance has caught up with me and I didn’t feel like dancing anymore.
I never expected to become a full-blown dancing diva by the time the eight weeks ended. But I expected to get a bit more than I did. It’s not the dance teachers’ faults. I just have to accept that I will always be useless on the dance floor, just like I was when I was six and my ballet teacher went up to my mom at the end of the class to tell her that I was totally inflexible and danced as well as a toad would.
Oh well.

A look back on Olympic madness

So, the Olympics are over, and I’ll have to admit that I greatly enjoyed myself the past 17 days. Before this, I had never been an Olympic enthusiast… it actually kind of bored me. But I have to say that being in the host country has greatly enhanced the experience for me. I guess all the hype and excitement portrayed every day in the media and felt by the people around me got to me and I ended up being as the biggest fan of Olympic sports.

Throughout the 17 days of this adventure, I was kind of stuck in the middle, as I cheered for my homeland of France, as well as for my adopted home of Canada. I’ll admit I cheered louder for Canada. But then could I help it? I was, after all, surrounded and outnumbered!
These Olympic games were for me an opportunity to discover what the games are really about. Sports, yes. But also collaboration and inter-country relations. They were also an opportunity to discover a new facet of this land that I have come to love: Canada. Never had I seen such open display of Canadian pride and love for their country. The sheer amount of Canadian flags on display was just mind-boggling. I loved it. I also rediscovered how wonderful the Canadian people are: caring, proud, welcoming… I mean, I already knew, but seeing such flagrant displays of their wonderfulness was just pure awesomeness for me.
The most surprising thing that happened to me over the course of these games was a new found respect for the sport of curling. I swear to God, after watching a couple of games, it became totally addictive. When watching the women’s and men’s finals, I was more excited about the sport than I was watching the hockey final. That is definitely a sport I will keep watching and will follow during the next Olympics.
Overall, I am very proud of the results of the Canadian athletes. They did end up owning the podium after all, with their 14 gold medals ( a record for any country in the Winter olympics!). I am happy I opened my mind to become a part of the Olympic adventure in Vancouver 2010. And I am happy to have discovered, as I watched, some amazing athletes with some amazing stories.
I’ll end this post with my favorite Olympic moment. As Alexandre Bilodeau won the first gold medal ever on Canadian soil, he was cheered on by his older brother, Frederic, who has cerebral palsy. The highlights of these games, for me, was watching the cheer happiness and pride that Frederic showed at his brother’s success, and watching them hug it out after the gold medal run. That was a beautiful moment, and I cried like a baby.
Good job Canada on throwing such amazing winter games!

Cause I’m missing you…

This weekend, Alice, one of my girlfriends from Montreal, came to town for a visit. We had a lovely weekend, and enjoyed Winterlude, a pretty awesome house party, snowshoeing in the park, and other fun things.

When Nic and I dropped Alice off at the train station, I realized how much I missed her, and how much I missed all my girlfriends. Having studied in Montreal, most of my girlfriends are there, as well as in Toronto and Vancouver. And I miss them. I miss having girlfriends I can call up anytime to go and get a cup of coffee or go shopping with.
Of course, I could just make new friends. What a concept. But I’ve come to realize, since I left Montreal, that making new friends that you end up being close to is really rough once you start working. Everyone already has their own close-knit group, and have no real time for new friends.
Don’t get me wrong, I did make a couple of close friends since I came here. A couple. As in two. I wish for more. Actually, if I’m wishing for stuff, I wish that our lives had not taken us in different paths. I wish for all my really close girlfriends (you know who you are) to be here in Ottawa. I know. That’s selfish. Oh well.
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People watching at the gym

Half-marathon training: Day 25… 115 to go.

Went to the gym today and biked for 30 minutes.
I hate going to the gym now, although between the dudes that pump iron while watching themselves in the mirror, and the chickies that wear push-up bras underneath their padded and low-cut Lululemon shirts in order to find someone to hook up with, people watching at a university gym is highly entertaining.
I swear, you see these girls at the gym, with full make-up on, looking like they belong in a (very low-class) fashion show. And they leave without even having broken a sweat.
See, when I work out, I look like shit. My hair’s messed up, my shirt has a sweat stain down the back, my face is red… But hey, isn’t that the whole point of going to the gym? To work out and push yourself? That’s what I thought, but apparently not.