DIY menu planner for your kitchen

About a year and a half ago, I joined Pinterest. I became obsessed. I’ve always loved crafts, so a whole platform dedicated to craft projects? Heaven.

I filled boards and boards of ideas I probably would never do. I became a pinning maniac. Pinterest ruined my life, really. But I disgress…

In my old appartment, I had an ugly chalk board that I used for my weekly menus. When we moved to our pretty new house, I wanted something nicer. I just didn’t know what. Enter Pinterest. I found a ton of ideas there for dry erase boards, that I adapted to my needs.

I made this:
photo of my menu board

The how-to is pretty easy: take a frame, cut strips of paper, glue on paper shapes and add sticker letters, finish the edges with some ribbon, and voilà!

After my first success with menu boards, and started making them as gifts for everyone I knew.

I made this one for my friend Courtney, for her new house:

photo of the menu board for Courtney

I then made this one for my friend Lindsay, who also bought a new house:

photo of the menu board for lindsay

I’ve found that having a menu board, coupled with my binder (which I will detail in a future post) has been really useful for staying organized! Because meals are planned in advance, there is less food waste, we save money, and less improvisation at dinner time means less headaches for me.

Thanks Pinterest!


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