Organic fruits and vegetables at your doorstep

I recently signed up with Ottawa Organics, a company that offers all sorts of organic goodies, including weekly baskets of fruits and vegetables delivered at your doorstep. It has been a good 6 weeks now that I’ve been getting deliveries, and I find it so awesome that I wanted to share.

Ottawa Organics offers 3 sizes of baskets: small (25$), medium (35$), large (45$). For a couple, a medium basket has proven to be plenty for the week. The vegetables are fresh (usually picked that very morning), mostly local (Ontario and Quebec for the most part, with some out of season veggies and fruits coming from the States), and certified organic. And the awesome thing is that every week there is something in there you are not used to eating often, or don’t even know what it is, which forces you to have a more varied diet. And the basket comes with recipes, so more often than not, you’ll get ideas on hoe to prepare the kale, collard greens, delicata squash and endives. I have tried so many new things since we started doing this and both Nic and I rave about the service to all of our friends.

The concept is simple. You place a standing order online for the size of basket you want, and it gets delivered to your door in a plastic bin every week. You have to remember to leave your empty plastic bin at the door on delivery days (which I forget to do, every other week), so that the delivery person picks it up and replaces with a new, filled one. Delivery is free, and considering the quantity of veggies you get in your basket, the prices are super reasonable. The only other fee is the 10$ deposit you put down for the bins.

The other awesome thing about Ottawa Organics is that every week, you can order as many other things as you want from their website. For example, I have a standing order for a dozen eggs and a litre of 35% cream every week, all organic, which gets delivered with my basket. And once in a while I order gluten-free cookies. Also, if I know I’ll be cooking something special one week, I place an order for specific veggies or fruits that will come as extra with my basket.

CONCLUSION: I strongly recommend signing on for this. Your tummies will thank you.


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