My Facebook impersonator

So I discovered this morning that I have an impersonator on Facebook. I know, weird right? Why would anyone impersonate me? I’m not famous or anything…

Anyway. I was searching my name on Facebook because I wanted to see what my search result looked like to other people. I noticed that there were two profiles for me: one with my married name and our wedding photo (my actual profile) and one with my name and an older profile photo. I thought maybe when I changed my name on Facebook it had created a duplicate account so I clicked and saw this (UPDATE 27/08 – It’s isn’t there anymore!).

This person is in France, in Angers (a place I never set foot in) and is using my name and photo! I looked at the history of posts on that person’s wall and realized that he or she is using my name to join stupid groups and spam the members of these groups with unwanted links to spammy websites.

I am not exactly concerned for my security or anything. But it does bug me, after all the care I put into developing my online presence, that someone would use my name and photo to partake in such activities.

I am trying to get everyone I know to report them so the profile is deleted. Go to the fake profile, click “Report/block this person” at the bottom, select “Fake Profile” and “Impersonating someone” in the options and link to my real profile where they ask for it.

Thanks so much for all your help!
UPDATE August 6, 2010

Thanks for all the people who reported this person! I have not heard from Facebook in this matter. But after doing a bit of research on the web, I found out that Facebook actually does not take action on impersonators because they don’t want to meddle with international law on theft of identity or something. Ridiculous. So this person will always be there. I have blocked her so at least she does not have access to any more info about me. And I have removed all personal information that could lead to me from Twitter and Facebook (unless you’re my friend). What a pain in the a**!

UPDATE August 27, 2010

The fake profile is gone!!!! WOOT!

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