The married life

For the past week an a half, or basically since I got married, people have been asking me the same question: “How is it being a married woman?”

The truth of the matter is, the answer to that question is that I am happy, but I was happy before. Being married hasn’t changed a thing in my life. Wait no, that’s not true: I get the check the “Mrs.” box on forms, and I am now addressed as “Mrs. Lacroix-Barbe”. But that’s it.

See, I don’t feel like being married has made me a new person, or a better person, or a happier person. I am still the same person, and Nic is still the same person. Our relationship has not

changed a bit. We feel the same way about each other, we still have the same plans for the future, we still do the same things. Our bond hasn’t strengthened – it was already pretty darn strong. Our love hasn’t deepened – it was already as deep as it gets.
I feel fortunate that I have found someone like him, that our relationship did not need a wedding to feel real.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that we got married. It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful celebration of our love. But what it was to me, most of all, was an opportunity to get all the people I love together in the same room (or in our case, under the same tent) and share this with them. Getting married was really just a good excuse to get my family and my friends to come for a visit.

All in all, it was a great moment of my life. I am thankful that I experienced it, but mostly I am thankful that I found someone as wonderful as my new husband.


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