Wedding jitters

It is so hard to believe that in less than three weeks (THREE WEEKS!!!), Nic and I will be getting married. The past year and a half, since we got engaged, have gone by in a blur. It is so crazy to think that in such a short time, I will be someone’s wife, and I will have a husband! I guess that now I am officially and unequivocally an adult.

Things are pretty much ready. The MacBook fiasco put a slight damper on things, as all the music purchased for the ceremony was on that, and I don’t have access to it until I get a new computer. But other than that, we’re ready. The vows are written, the caterer is confirmed, the officiant was met, as was the DJ. Hopefully things will go smoothly, there will be no rain, the tent will actually fit, everyone will be where they are supposed to, and we will have a fantastic wedding. Cross your fingers!
What I am most excited about, although I am so incredibly excited about marrying the man of my dreams, is getting to see my family and friends, as well as meeting my new niece! There are some people I have not seen in a long while, and having the opportunity to see them all at the cottage, which is very special to me, is totally awesome. I cannot wait.

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