beauty routine

Update on the natural beauty regime

For everyone and anyone who is wondering how that is going, I thought I would update.

As of yesterday, my beauty regime only consists of one product that is in no way natural: my benzyl peroxide cleanser. Although my skin is doing wonderful (thanks, in big part, to products by Cocoon Apothecary), I am not prepared to let the benzyl peroxide go until after the wedding. I want beautiful skin to get married, and although I believe that I have found products that suit me and that will give me beautiful skin, I cannot risk my skin going beserk a month before I get married.

Everything else has been switched! I am not happy with my Live Clean shampoo and conditioner though, I don’t think it suits my hair. So I am still shopping for a good natural shampoo and conditioner (will be trying Eaurganic products next, I also like shopping Canadian!)

I’ll update soon with a detailed list of what products I am using and where you can buy them, in case anyone feels inspired to go the same route I am.

Happy long weekend to all!!


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