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Product Review : Rosey Cheeks organic facial cream by Cocoon Apothecary

A few weeks ago, in a move to natural skincare, I tried a Lush face cream that made me break out like I was 15 years old again (Lush skincare contains Fragrances, which I am pretty sure I strongly react to).

I looked for a 100% natural alternative that would not make me break out and found it in Cocoon Apothecary’s Rosey Cheeks organic facial cream. I have totally fallen in love with that product. 
Rosey Cheeks is great for 5 reasons:
1. It is 100% natural and organic, and is rated 0 for safety on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.
2. It smells deliciously like roses (its main 2 ingredients are rosehip oil and rose absolute).
3. It is not to thick, and blends in really well to the skin, leaving it matified and well hydrated.
4. It contains natural sources of tretinoin, which is great for anti-aging and for acne.
5. Rose absolute is antibacterial, also great for acne.
I use this product morning and night after cleansing, and the results have been great. I have noticed that my acne has gotten better, my skin is smoother, and it is well hydrated.
Plus, Cocoon Apothecary is a great company. Based in Canada, it is the brain child of one woman who does the creating, the design, the marketing, the sales… a true one-woman show!
Also available: Cleanser, toner, blemish treatment (which I use and is great), body lotions, and a foot spray (which I also use and is also phenomenal). All are available on the Cocoon Apothecary website. Enjoy!

Half-marathon training: April 23

Time run : 25 minutes (no intervals, just running!)
Distance run : maybe 3-4 kilometres? Hard to be sure, my ipod was dead so I wasn’t able to measure

I decided to just run today. I didn’t have much time (the mortgage specialist was coming to our house at 7pm) so I figured I would run less long, bt without aby walking intervals. Great workout!

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My resolutions to get healthy

Even though it is not New Year’s, I wanted to put down on paper (well, not literally) some resolutions that I have set for myself in order to get and stay healthy, in all aspects of my life. We’re not talking weight-loss here. Just general feel-good-about-myself and feel-good-in-my-own-skin stuff that I want to start (or continue) doing.

Resolution #1 : Run 3 times a week, whether I am training for a marathon, or for nothing at all.

Resolution #2 : Never use any beauty product which contains more than 5% of synthetic chemicals. If possible, use products that contain 0% synthetic chemicals.

Resolution #3 : Make all things from scratch (that includes mac’n cheese, apple sauce, cookies and brownies, guacamole, etc.) as much as possible. Controlling the ingredients that go in your food is so important. Stay close to the farm, and far from the processed.

Resolution #4 : Use only natural cleaning products at home. Killing 100% of bacteria using harsh products that give me a headache is overkill. It is unnecessary and will not guarantee a safer environment for my family.

Resolution #5 : Eat more fruits and vegetables! That is a big one for me because I definitely do not eat my 5-10 servings per day, like I should. 

What other resolutions should I be taking?