The quest for natural products, Part II, Cleansing and hydrating

I recently purchased 100% Pure’s Seafoam Cleanser for acne-prone skin. It is 100% natural, and the main ingredients are seaweed and Eucalyptus. Considering how difficult my skin is (acne, oily, etc.), I was very reticent to let go of my Benzoil Peroxide, even knowing how bad it is for my skin. One thing to say about this new cleanser: AMAZING! The Eucalyptus is very refreshing and the seaweed makes for a very matifying result. I am very happy with the results. Plus, it seems that stopping the Benzoil Peroxide has not affected my acne, I find it is actually getting better, with pimples drying up much faster. This seems to be a good natural alternative for acne medications. YAY!

I also bought the Mint toner from 100% Pure, also for acne-prone skin. I use toner only 2-3 times a week, in the morning. I like this one, it is also very refreshing and does not dry my face too quickly. Toner has had a history of making me break out, but so far, this has been good. To be continued!

Finally, I bought Lush’s Vanishing Cream for hydration. It’s amazing. Just moisturizing enough for me and also matifying. I find that since I started with it, I haven’t had to blot nearly as often during the day to get rid of excess oil. It is only about 98% natural, which to me is a good compromise for good hydration. And again, with my skin being the way it is, I am ready to compromise these 2%.

I also bought Lush’s Grease Lightning cleanser to use at work, mid-day. It is a great spot cleanser that you dab on and don’t have to rinse, so it is perfect for work, and it is antiseptic so it helps to get rid of pimples.

My last purchase was Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream, which is 100% natural. And it is incredible. Not too strong smelling, and incredibly hydrating without being too greasy. One problem: it comes in a little glass jar that is easily tampered with (no wrapping around the top to protect the product). So both jars I purchased (one for work, one for home) had been opened and had a little bit of cream taken. Since I am not in the habit of opening jars (I find that incredibly disrespectful to other customers), I did not notice this before buying. However, you can be sure that next time, I’ll check the jars before I purchase them.

There we go for now! I am getting very close to using only natural products, and am very proud. Next step will be deodorant, and body cream. Also, I will have to find a substitute for my Moroccan Oil hair treatment, which I love and will miss a lot!


Half-marathon training: Day 72

Time run : 60 minutes (4:2 intervals)
Distance run : 8.35 kilometers

Nice run along the Ottawa River today. The sky was so blue today. Not one cloud in the sky. Made for a very pleasant run.

My watch quit on me after 10 minutes though, so I was a little inconsistent with my intervals. I kept forgetting to stop running and start walking, so my intervals were more of 4:1 and 5:2 than actual 4:2 intervals.


Half-marathon training: Day 69

Time run : about 1h15 (4:2 intervals)

Distance run : about 9.5 – 10 kilometres
My iPod died today halfway through my run. So technically, I have no way to be sure how long or how far I ran! I ran outside, from my house to the Chateau Laurier, so I figure I almost did the 10km I had planned.
This week has been awful running-wise, even worse than last week. I have been feeling a little under the weather (tired mostly), and my motivation was down to zero. My run today kind of put me back on track, so I’ll be back full force starting tomorrow!!