Half-marathon training: Day 37…

… 103 days left.

Time run/walked : 30 minutes
Distance run : 2.75 miles
It was a weird workout because I was calibrating my Nike+ device thingy. So I ran .5 miles to do a first calibration, then I walked .25 miles to calibrate my walking stride, and then another .5 miles running (cause I’m pretty sure I messed up the first calibration). Then 15 minutes in 3:2 intervals to test my calibration. And it worked perfectly!!
From now on, I’ll be using Nike+ every run to track my progress. I also found out that Nike+ has a coach option, that gives you a personnalized work-out for half-marathons and marathons. I’ll probably be using that to run next year. I’m hoping, if all goes well this year with walking/running the half-marathon, to run the whole thing next year.

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