Half-marathon training: Day 29…

…111 to go.

Time run : 30 minutes (in 2:1 interval)
Distance run : 2.4 miles (According to the treadmill. My Nike+ gizmo says 2.9 miles, but I’m pretty sure it’s not right)
Incline : 1%
I don’t know what happened today, but I had a pretty intense pain in my hip that ran down my whole leg as I ran. It felt sort of like if you have a pinched nerve. Hurt like a sonovabitch… But I made it anyway, so that made me pretty proud. A year ago, I would have quit after 10 minutes. Yay me!
In other news, we went and chose our decor options for the house today. We met with a designer to choose ceramics, hardwood floor, carpet, and other fun things. So now it’s a waiting game. They are supposed to break ground and start digging the foundations in March. I cannot wait!

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