Cause I’m missing you…

This weekend, Alice, one of my girlfriends from Montreal, came to town for a visit. We had a lovely weekend, and enjoyed Winterlude, a pretty awesome house party, snowshoeing in the park, and other fun things.

When Nic and I dropped Alice off at the train station, I realized how much I missed her, and how much I missed all my girlfriends. Having studied in Montreal, most of my girlfriends are there, as well as in Toronto and Vancouver. And I miss them. I miss having girlfriends I can call up anytime to go and get a cup of coffee or go shopping with.
Of course, I could just make new friends. What a concept. But I’ve come to realize, since I left Montreal, that making new friends that you end up being close to is really rough once you start working. Everyone already has their own close-knit group, and have no real time for new friends.
Don’t get me wrong, I did make a couple of close friends since I came here. A couple. As in two. I wish for more. Actually, if I’m wishing for stuff, I wish that our lives had not taken us in different paths. I wish for all my really close girlfriends (you know who you are) to be here in Ottawa. I know. That’s selfish. Oh well.

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