Half-marathon training: Day 46…

… 94 days left.

Time run : 48 minutes (3:2 intervals)
Distance run : 6.68 km (4.15 miles)
I decided to do my long run today, which is usually on the weekend, because tomorrow we leave for the cottage, and sunday night is Olympics closing ceremony, so I doubt I’ll be running this weekend.
I felt really good during my run today. I can definitely tell I’m improving a lot, and so I think I’ll be starting the 4:2 intervals on Monday or Tuesday. And I’m thinking, seeing at how well this is going, I may be able to run the half-marathon in May faster than 4:1 probably.

Half-marathon training: Day 43…

… 97 days left.

Time run : 40 minutes (3:2 intervals)
Distance run : 3.27 miles
I’m pretty surprised at how well I am doing so far on this. Not that I think I’m a total loser or anything. It’s just that before I started this, I hadn’t really run since high school. And even then, it was when I was on the track team and did hurdles, never long distances. Heck, I’d never run more than maybe 1.5 miles in my life. So yeah, pretty surprised… So far so good!!

Half-marathon training: Day 39…

… 101 days left.

Time run : 35 minutes (3:2 intervals)
Distance run : 2.87 miles
OOOooops… forgot incline today! =)
I am really liking the Nike+ device on my iPod. I can follow my progress and I can set all sorts of objectives for speed, distance, time, and even calories burned. It’s really cool! And I am surprised at how precise the measurements are for speed and distance…

Half-marathon training: Day 37…

… 103 days left.

Time run/walked : 30 minutes
Distance run : 2.75 miles
It was a weird workout because I was calibrating my Nike+ device thingy. So I ran .5 miles to do a first calibration, then I walked .25 miles to calibrate my walking stride, and then another .5 miles running (cause I’m pretty sure I messed up the first calibration). Then 15 minutes in 3:2 intervals to test my calibration. And it worked perfectly!!
From now on, I’ll be using Nike+ every run to track my progress. I also found out that Nike+ has a coach option, that gives you a personnalized work-out for half-marathons and marathons. I’ll probably be using that to run next year. I’m hoping, if all goes well this year with walking/running the half-marathon, to run the whole thing next year.